Fire Sprinkler System

On Record… There Has Never Been A Building Burn to the Ground That had a Properly Installed and Serviced Fire Sprinkler System

If Your Fire Sprinkler System is Working Correctly, Your Business is Protected.

Bold Statements! but the simple fact remains.. A properly maintained and service Fire Sprinkler System will perform exactly as it was designed.

We’re Norred Fire Systems. We are your Fire Sprinkler Provider for Design, Installation, Service, and Repairs. Our Design Team and Technicians are Expertly Trained and very experienced in Louisiana Fire Codes. With 1000’s of hours in design and service you can sleep well knowing your Fire Sprinkler System that was designed and/or serviced by Norred Fire Systems will perform properly in the event of a fire.

We Design and Service Fire Sprinkler Systems for all types of structures. The most common are Business Office Complexes, Industrial Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Churches, Apartment or Condo Complexes, and Nursing Homes/ Senior Assisted Living.


What Types of Fire Sprinkler Service Does Norred Fire Systems Handle?

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Wet Fire Sprinkler System is regarded to be the most dependable and simplistic Fire Sprinkler System. The Piping of a Wet Sprinkler System contains pressurized water. When any sprinkler head in the system is activated, water will immediately start spraying and the fire sprinkler system will start extinguishing the fire. The Wet Fire Sprinkler System is used for Retail Store Locations, Storage facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Complexes, and Apartment Buildings.


Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

In locations where there is the potential for FREEZING, the Dry Fire Sprinkler System is clear choice. In a Dry System the piping network is filled with compressed air. Once a sprinkler head is activated, the compressed air escapes the piping network and water starts to flow. This is an excellent solution for Loading Docks, Commercial Freezers, Manufacturing Warehouses, Parking Garages, and Attic Space.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Deluge Fire Sprinkler System is Quick Response, Total Coverage of a specific area. In a Deluge system all the sprinkler heads are open and there is no water in the piping network. When a heat sensor is triggered, a valve opens, and water starts flowing. A Deluge Fire Sprinkler System is used for unique hazards like Oil and Chemical Storage Areas.

PreAction Fire Sprinkler Systems

This is the solution for Computer Rooms and sensitive electronic devices. Hold on… that’s water and ELECTRICAL Equipment? In a PreAction System the piping network is pressurized with air. When the PreAction Fire Sprinkler System is activated, computers and electrical equipment have time to shut down and turn off before water starts to flow. This is the reason your electronic devices will not be destroyed.

Foam Sprinkler Systems

The Foam Sprinkler System is used in special hazard scenarios. A Military Aircraft Hanger would be an example. When a Foam System discharges there is a mix of water and low expansion foam concentrate. These systems are suited for high challenge fires.


Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Water Mist Sprinkler System is a great alternative to CO2 Fire Suppression Systems. The Water Mist System is perfect for Occupied Locations that have sensitive electrical equipment. They are commonly used to protect combustion turbines.


Looking for FAST Onsite Service, performed by EXPERTS?

Norred Fire Systems is your Complete Fire Sprinkler Install, Service, and Repair Source.  We design and Install all types of Fire Sprinkler Systems and Fire Pumps. We Service and Repair Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps, Anti-Freeze Loops, and Backflows.  We go that Extra Mile to ensure your Fire Protection Equipment will work in the event of a Fire.