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Norred Fire Systems is Louisiana’s Leading provider of Fire Protection Solutions for heavy equipment.  We understand that downtime is not an option.  You need a solution that is designed and optimized for your particular machine. Haul Trucks, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Graders, Drills, Track Loaders, Hydraulic Shovels, Large Haul Trucks, Hydraulic Excavators, and Draglines… Our Systems integrate the newest technologies to make sure your equipment is protected.


Lowering the Risk of Fire also helps to Lower Your Insurance Costs

Norred Fire Systems designs Single and Duel release fire suppression systems. With a Single Release System, once a fire is detected, a discharge sequence starts.  The operator has time to evacuate the vehicle before the Dry Chemical Suppressant Agent discharges.  With a Dual Release System, first the Dry Chemical Suppressant Agent is discharged.  This rapidly knocks down the fire and then an Integrated Cooling Wet Chemical Agent is discharged.  This agent cools the heated surfaces and reduces the possibility of the fire reflashing.  Each Vehicle  Fire Suppression System is designed for the particular Heavy Mobile Equipment it’s being installed on and these systems meet all insurance equipment.


Vehicle Fire Suppression System Service

At Norred Fire Systems are techs are Factory Training and Certified.  They have 1000’s of hours in Vehicle System Installation and Service.  Whether you require a Quarterly Inspection or Semi-Annual Inspection, Norred Fire Systems is your Complete Vehicle System Source.

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Top Causes for Heavy Equipment Fires

  • Some type of abrasion against a high-pressure hydraulic line.  A pinhole is formed and leaks atomized hydraulic fluid onto a hot manifold.
  • Cardboard, paper, and other combustible solids collect behind the hot exhaust manifold.
  • A short occurs in one of the machine’s electrical cables.
  • Coal dust ignites from a metal spark.
  • A wiring harness near the battery short against the vehicle’s chassis.


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